The power of faith or longing takes people to the edge of the road to fulfill their dreams. People who are able to make themselves as self-reliant on their own power will get the avenue of improving their own capacity. Self-con¬fidence is power. This organization's expectation is to make self-dependant country for people as the self-reliance, honesty, mutual respect and trust, transparency and accountability are the main motive and force of the organiza¬tion.

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Volunteering isn’t a Choice, it’s a Responsibility! Volunteering with Edp NGO allows an individual to grow in to be a responsible citizen; their contribution is appreciate with certificates, appreciation letters and recommendation letters after successful completion of campaigns and programs. Giving back: Volunteering is a way to give back to your community and make a positive impact on others’ lives.

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EDP, an international development organization dedicated to spreading solutions to poverty worldwide, today was ranked the number one NGO in the world by the Geneva-based NGO Advisor, an independent media organization committed to highlighting innovation, impact and governance in the non-profit sector. EDP clinched the top spot as part of the 2016 Top 500 NGOs World rankings

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