President Profile of EDP NGO

MS Alam

"We shall overcome" If this can be motto of a human being then we can really overcome one day. That day is not far from away. We will overcome Unemployment, we will overcome our Frustration, we will overcome Jobless life. Today we get together to achieve and develop ourselves with our own power.

"Empowering Development Project" working for this city since 2015. To whom we are working for they are very close to us and also our relatives and kith and kin. Our objective is to provide them a wonderful day for each and every day. If our daily life is become beautiful then our family will become beautiful, if our family become beautiful then our life will be wonderful.

Everyone in our society is talented but every person is talented by his or own side. Just need to wake them up. If it's possible then no person will be the burden for the family, no person will be jobless and no frustration can be affected him/her. Every person has the ability and hidden power to do something different, by using this hidden power we can make different and developed society and we are going toward to do this.

We are at this moment finally and it's not so easy for us. We can do better for our future, we need your appreciation cordially.

MS Alam
Empowering Development Project

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Phone: (123) 000-1425


58 Church avenue Apt # 2E, Brooklyn, New York. 11218