Founder & Secretary Profile of EDP NGO

Ambia Begum

Self-Confidence a Self-Consciousness are very close to each other and they are living inside a person's subconscious mind. Every human beings is born with his or her own capability. No one knows how powerful these powers are. By using these capabilities a person can do anything what they actually want to do. For example a born blind person can be greatest programmer by gaining computer knowledge and get a degree of computer science, on the other hand a healthy person as well full capable person can not be just a good person. The difference is happening just use of their own capability. But why this is happening here? It is happening because one person being a blind but his or her self-confidence or self-consciousness is making him or her to do something different and think different, on the other hand a full healthy person not trying to do something because he or she is thinking that he or she has everything.

Empowering Development Project (EDP) is just focusing of person's own capability that yes you will do and you can do. Making trained people is one of the objective of EDP. Free Computer Training, Tailoring, English Speaking course will be very helpful project for the people who are really want to gain something in their life. In this modern era these activities is affecting much for a person to be a part of our modern society.

For this day we have been working so hard and waiting a long time. Now we are soglad to be here also we want to do something for people in the future with other new activities that is all we want and we want your appreciation.

Ambia Begum
Founder and Secretary
Empowering Development Project.

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